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Prince VSI DI

VSI is an abbreviation for “Vapour Sequential Injection”. The advanced VSI-DI system is a derivative of VSI system and specially developed for cars with the so-called Direct Injection fuel system (DI engine). 

Prins distinguishes itself in the market by offering reliable fuel systems for a wide range of vehicles. These VSI-DI systems consume very little petrol (<5%) and are suitable for both the latest and most modern cars, but also for cars that have been driving around for a few years. 

The VSI-DI system is based on the principle of autogas (LPG) or natural gas (CNG) vaporized and sequentially injected into a DI 

These are the main components that are added to your car after an LPG installation*.

Below you can see the various components that together form our VSI system. The main components are of OEM quality and specially developed for LPG and CNG installations. These comply with the strictest regulations and certification. 


1. LPG tank
2.ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
3. Switch
4. Evaporator (eVP-500)
5. Filter
6. Injectors

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